Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is available for high probability cases within 48 business hours

When receiving a high probability Harmony® prenatal test result, patients want access to accurate information. In order to assist your patient, an initial telephone consultation with a certified genetic counsellor is available at no additional cost. Follow-up consultations, if required, will incur an out of pocket fee. Genetic counselling is always recommended following a high probability result.

During the appointment, the patient can expect to discuss their Harmony prenatal test result, including a comprehensive review of how the result should be interpreted, the specified condition, a discussion surrounding additional testing options and a brief review of family history. Referring clinicians will receive a report from the genetic counsellor following the discussion, which will serve as a summary.

This summary can further aid in the discussions between clinician and patient. Please note that the Harmony prenatal test is a screening test and a high probability Harmony result should always be confirmed by amniocentesis/CVS before any major clinical decision is made regarding the patient’s pregnancy.

How to refer a patient

  • Australian Clinical Labs will notify referring clinician of a high probability Harmony prenatal test result and will provide details on how to access genetic counselling.
  • The patient or referring clinician will contact the genetic counsellor to set up an appointment. Appointments are conducted via telephone and are generally available within 48 business hours of request. If preferred, the consultation can be organised through the laboratory, which will contact the counsellor with the case details.
  • The genetic counsellor will conduct a counselling session with the patient. (It is also optional for the referring clinician to be involved in this call.) This initial consultation will be for a period of around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The genetic counsellor will provide a written report of the discussion to the referring clinician.
  • Please note: The genetic counselling referral must be within two weeks of the reporting of high probability results.
For questions regarding this service, please contact Australian Clinical Labs on 1300 134 111.

If you require additional information about testing or need to discuss a patient, please contact:
Assoc. Prof. Mirette Saad on P: (03) 9538 6777 or E: