As part of our wide range of reproductive pathology services, Clinical Labs offers tests that can determine fertility levels in individuals and couples who are still in the planning stages of pregnancy, as well as long-term storage solutions of reproductive material.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) - Female Fertility

The Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is a biomarker produced by antral and pre-antral follicles for assessing the ovarian reserve and is therefore essential to evaluate potential fertility. At Australian Clinical Labs, we use a fully automated Roche Cobas AMH assay that outperforms all other previous tests, allowing for the evaluation of AMH concentrations in samples that would otherwise be undetectable, bringing you peace of mind.

This test can assist you if you are considering future conception and would like to understand your current ovarian reserve and how this may change over time. It will also assist you in considering IVF or other fertility treatment regimes, as AMH levels can give you an indication of the likely response to fertility medications. It is also useful if you are considering egg freezing before chemotherapy or surgery, or for social reasons.

Y Microdeletion - Male Fertility

Approximately 1 in every 25 men are affected by infertility. Of these, 30-40% present abnormalities in their semen that appear to have a genetic cause. The molecular diagnosis of Y-chromosomal microdeletions is essential to establish the source of infertility in men with Azoospermia or severe Oligozoospermia.

The Y Microdeletion test costs $260.

Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis includes assessment of the quality of the semen sample, including the determination of the number, the type of movement and the shape of the sperm in the sample. Appointments must be made for all Semen Analysis procedures (apart from those collected in WA). After you have got a request form from your doctor you will need to call your closest clinic to arrange an appointment – contact details are provided in the brochure below.

The specialised nature of our testing means that there are waiting periods at some clinics and all appointments need to be made well in advance, even if the sample has been produced at home.

Our receptionist will ask which tests have been requested by your doctor when making your appointment, as different tests require longer appointment times. It is most important that you bring your doctor’s referral with you on the day of your appointment.

The specimen is collected by masturbation into a sterile container labelled with your name, date of birth and date of collection. Private rooms, with magazines and DVDs are only available at the Andrology Laboratory to assist in producing the semen sample.

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